Our Privacy Policies

ProfessionalResumeWritingService.org has been one of the undeniable leaders in the industry now as concerns the services that we offer as a skilled resume writing website. We are also proud of the way in which we have truly perfected the way in which people can buy resume writing services online, and using these, improve their chances of career growth. Since your trust is our most valuable asset, we work hard to earn and later deserve the faith you have in us, so that you will not only use our services yourself, but tell your acquaintance about us also.

In view of this, protecting the privacy and anonymity of our clients is our first priority. We do this by:

  • Only storing personal information that is actually of use to us to design your resume or is of legal use to us
  • Taking steps to ascertain that all this data is kept accurate, up-to-date and secure

The Information We Gather

Even as you view the website, some information, such as your IP address, the browser you use and the pages you viewed are stored with us. However, such impersonal data cannot reveal who you are. When ordering our service though, you have to provide us personal details like your contact address, credit card details and naturally, your career details.

Protecting These Details

To avert any unauthorized use of this data, we not only ensure the data is accurate and up-to-date, we also use state-of-the-art, latest online security techniques and the relevant technology to do so. At ProfessionalResumeWritingService.org, we also offer a secure haven to conduct transactions via credit cards and encrypt all your data using the ‘Secure Socket Layer’ techniques.

All this data is gathered and stored in one secure database by ProfessionalResumeWritingService.org and only certain staff members may access it.

Moreover, your personal data is only used to provide you with those specific services that you have ordered from us via our website.

How the Information is Used

Generally, you information is used to:

  • get your feedback concerning our services quality
  • further enhance the quality and services we provided you
  • assist in making the website better
  • make you aware of our promotions and other offers
  • get back to you with information that you may require
  • give you good customer service

Sharing Data

We at ProfessionalResumeWritingService.org have never sold, nor will share, rent or sell the personal data of our clients for any reason whatsoever.

How to Access Your Data

To access or correct your data that is available online with us, you may simply call or mail us to help you do so. The procedure has been designed keeping in mind the security of your information. You may send us a request asking to correct any of your factual data. However, to ensure that your personal information is kept secure at all times, we will ask you to verify your identity with us before we grant you access to the information or have it altered.

Contact Us to Resolve Queries

If you do have any further queries regarding our privacy policy, our web practices or your own dealings with us via our site, please contact us at the address given below.